Art fair - contemporary painting

I'm a contemporary artist based in London, originally from Poland. Living in London for many years has kept me navigating between two worlds: the Eastern and Western Europe, childhood memories and modern life, light and darkness, the ego and the shadow self.

I usually paint in acrylics and oils on canvas or canvas boards. I am always inspired by light, reflections, sea, connection - how we connect to nature and other people, what we hide and what we show.

Artistic Vision

My paintings are characterised by bold, dynamic brushstrokes and expressive paint drips, balanced with rhythmic patterns, scratches, and mark-making with a palette knife.  My practice often involves creating realistic pieces only to deconstruct them into abstract forms repeatedly, revealing and hiding elements in the process.

Upcoming exhibitions:

  • 'SUMMER' Exhibition - ‘The Beach’ Gallery -  15 June - 12 July 2024
  • Women Only Art Exhibition - Blue Koi Gallery - June 2024
  • Abstract Art’ Edition II - Virtual Group Exhibition by the Royal Blue Gallery - 14/6 – 12/7/2024

Recent shows and exhibitions in UK:

  • The Visual Artist Association Artist of the Year Award 2024 - longlist (awaiting stage 2)
  • Landmark Art Centre - Spring Art Fair - May 2024
  • Landmark Art Centre - Twickenham Art Society Spring Exhibition, April 2024
  • Guildford House Open - Best in Contemporary Art - group exhibition of art selected from over 1000 submissions , December 2023
  • Parallax Art Fair - Kensington Town Hall - October 2023
  • New Artist Art Fair - Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, September 2023
  • Sky Landscape Artist of the Year - Series 6, Heat 6 (wildcard), filmed in Stoke Newington, July 2020

 I am a member of Visual Artists Association


Get in Touch

For more information or inquiries, please contact me here.


Please see shots from filming the Sky Landscape Artist of the Year below:


Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2021


Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year, season 6