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Chasing Light - art print

Chasing Light - art print

“Chasing Light” was inspired by light reflections on wet city road after rainy day. The actual location was Kynance Mews, Kensington when a sun was setting after a rainy afternoon.

“Chasing Light”  is part of a Magenta Transformations, created over the summer of 2023 by the artist, as an experimentation into abstract art and vivid colours. 

The latest introduction of magenta paint to her palette captures the vibrancy and glow within these abstract artworks, reflecting the feelings of heat of summer evenings in all its glory. Broad, dynamic brushstrokes and expressive paint drips are balanced by rhythmic patterns, scratches and mark-making with a palette knife.

The background is painted with an iridescent medium which shimmers and changes colour depending on the source of light, just like a sea would change colour. The colours used are vibrant burgundy, fuchsia, pink, deep magenta, blue and white.

If you would like to purchase the original painting please follow the link:

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