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Magenta reflections

Magenta reflections

Kensington High Street

“Magenta reflections” was inspired by light reflections on wet city road after rainy day. The actual location was Kensington High Street when a sun was setting after a rainy afternoon.

Magenta reflections is part of a Magenta Transformations, created over the summer of 2023 by the artist, as an experimentation into abstract art and vivid colours. 


🌆 Wrap Up Urban Elegance:

This holiday season, surprise your loved ones with the sophisticated charm of our street scenes art prints! From the iconic streets of Kensington to the bustling city vibes of London, our collection captures the heart and soul of urban elegance.

🏰 Unbox the Cityscape Adventure:

Transport them to the vibrant streets of London with art that celebrates the city's energy. Imagine them sipping tea while immersed in the stylish scenes of our high-quality prints. It's a gift that transforms their space into a chic metropolitan haven! ✨

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